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We know first hand the challenges and opportunities that outsourcing presents for small, midsize and emerging businesses and that a successful implementation starts early on.

Using our extensive experience of setting up a variety of offshore offices in India, we can create a workable strategy from gathering knowledge and requirements from the client.

This is often achieved by embedding an entrepreneur into the clients' business to see first hand current working and staff in order to understand their requirements and create an appropriate strategy and working relationship.

OS Consultants can provide guides and strategies for managers and training as required.

We look to provide opportunities with low initial investments and pass-through expenses where there is full visibility to costs.

The management of the off-shore teams is left directly to OS Consultants, so as your office is set-up and is running, we take care of the day to day operations such as procurement, regulatory, finance, HR and IT functions while you focus on delivering your work.

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