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Welcome to OS Consultants

OS Consultants can set up a dedicated offshore office enabling you to combine:

  • Reducing your costs.
  • Increasing your resource capacity.
  • Increasing your available skill set.

To see what this might mean for you, click on our video below...

OS Consultants has extensive experience and understanding of the technical, operational and cultural aspects required to succeed in setting up and integrating offshore offices into your UK business.

With our expertise, an offshore office is just one more office for your business that just happens to be offshore - this is what integration means and why we succeed.

The staff are incorporated into your business, they work for you and you utilise them as with any other staff.

OS Consultants will work with you to minimise the risk to allow you to focus on your core business and your management teams will always remain in full control of your processes, priorities and workflow.

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