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Lower Costs Without Compromising

We consider ourselves to be specialists in lowering the cost base, without compromising the service levels or quality that you would normally have, if you had not outsourced to us.

We do this simply by replacing like-for-like skills and roles in a developing country but with all the management and understanding of a UK business needs. We have tried and tested, means of transferring work, with the least amount of disruption and/or training, to obtain quick wins, giving us the stepping stones of a buy-in by your UK employees.

We do not have a big-bang approach but rather a planned one which begins with often improving the service levels and/or the capacity before we look at taking out costs. Costs eventually comes into play when comparisons between simple capacity and service levels is costed out around £2 per hour against £8-£12 an hour. The commercial buy-in is a natural progression.

However, no financial gain would be sufficient if the user experience or service levels are compromised. Therefore, we always bear in mind that lowering costs has to be without the loss of service and quality.

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